Conscious Eating and Cooking – Sessions at Surrender

Start date: 16 April, 2023

End date: 28 May, 2023

As part of our ongoing work for the upcoming issue of Renaissance on the theme – ‘Food, Sleep and Yoga,’ Biswajita Mohapatra from Renaissance team conducted FOUR practical sessions on conscious cooking and healthy eating. These were organised with the help of Ms. Gayatri Majumdar at the serene campus of Surrender, Sri Aurobindo Society.

In addition to conducting simple cooking demonstrations Biswajita also facilitated discussion among the participants based on the posters she had designed and displayed at the venue. These posters featured selected insights on food and cooking from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

About 45 people attended these sessions. Here is some feedback from the participants:

  • Hi Biswa, it was a great start to an evening honoring the importance of food and how we can make the preparation of our food with bhakti and love. And this process makes the food so tasty.
  • Thank you for such an excellent cooking class at Surrender! We learnt so much and relished every bit of the delicious healthy food.
  • It was very nice, we have enjoyed very much. Thank you, Biswajita.
  • Thank you didi. I enjoyed the dish very much today. We all support and appreciate your effort.?

Full issue on Food, Sleep and Yoga will be released on June 21,2023. Stay tuned!

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