Our Core Team

Dr. Beloo Mehra
Director, BhāratShakti and Editor, Renaissance

With a PhD in Education from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, and a Master’s in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, Dr. Beloo Mehra has more than two decades of experience in designing curricula, teaching, researching and guiding research scholars at the higher education level, both in the US and in India. Over the past few years, she has also designed and taught post-graduate courses and workshops on several aspects of Sri Aurobindo’s vision and works for Pondicherry University.

Having deep interest in Sri Aurobindo’s and Mother’s vision and work on Integral Education, Indian culture, social-cultural evolution, yoga and spirituality, she writes regularly in various journals dedicated to Sri Aurobindo’s vision and works. She is invited frequently for talks and workshops at seminars and conferences at universities, Sri Aurobindo centers and other forums on topics related to education, culture, society and self-development in the light of Sri Aurobindo. A regular writer and curator for Sri Aurobindo’s Action journal, she is currently working on a book based on a series she wrote for this journal for three years.

Her recent published works include: ‘Understanding Contemporary India in the Light of Sri Aurobindo‘; ‘Indian Literary Tradition in the Light of Sri Aurobindo’; ‘Toward a New Renaissance: Cultivating Soul-Values’; a research monograph titled ‘The Spiritual Foundations of Indian Culture’; a book chapter titled ‘Sri Aurobindo, the Revolutionary Nationalist’ included in ‘Sri Aurobindo: an Extraordinary Phenomenon’; and a research monograph titled ‘Rethinking India’s Education for Tomorrow’.

Dr. Mehra also serves as an expert member in the Institutional Ethical Committee (Human Studies) at Pondicherry University. She is also a member of the Research Ethics Committee at Sri Aurobindo Society.

Contact: <[email protected]>

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Narendra Murty
Research Associate

An award winning author of four books that focus on the spiritual aspiration and man’s deeper seeking, Narendra Murty specializes writing in a style and manner that is highly readable and appeals to a wide range of audience. He creatively uses stories, anecdotes and humour to present deeper philosophical ideas in a simple and accessible form and hence his writing is extremely popular with the younger generation.

His 37 years of passionate and dedicated study span all religions and spiritual traditions – both Eastern and Western. He has been a sincere student of Sri Aurobindo for the last 20 years and says that after exploring almost all the philosophies and spiritual disciplines of the world – he has finally found his refuge in Sri Aurobindo. He writes every month for Renaissance and all his books are available on Amazon.

Narendra Murty also brings strong organizational experience from his professional work as a Divisional Manager in insurance industry. His upcoming book is a thoroughly researched volume titled Symbolism in Sanatana Dharma, to be published by Auropublications, Sri Aurobindo Society.

Contact: <[email protected]>

Biswajita Mohapatra
Design and Administrative Assistant

Ms. Biswajita Mohapatra has about 10 years of experience working at Sri Aurobindo Society in various capacities. At BhāratShakti, she primarily works on design related projects related to our monthly online journal, Renaissance. As a core member of our team, she also works closely on the planning, coordinating and organising of various programmes and events designed and hosted by BhāratShakti.

A believer in lifelong learning, she is constantly upgrading her research and design skills as well as group work facilitation capabilities. She has a passion for crafts and cooking and has curated and facilitated workshops in these areas for children and adults.

Contact: <[email protected]>

Satya Murali Jayaraman
Web and Technical Assistant

Satya brings many years of technical and administrative experience having worked at various academic institutions. He works remotely for BhāratShakti helping with various technical and website related matters. He also designs and manages the bi-monthly Renaissance newsletter and prepares promotional material for our events and programmes.

Contact: <[email protected]>

We are grateful to have a constantly growing team of resource persons and volunteers who help us in various capacities for specific projects and programmes.

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