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We regularly take up projects and other works with other institutions, particularly universities and colleges. We have also developed and offered several courses and workshops on various aspects.

See some of our works below:

Our approach is to take up all the themes in the light of Sri Aurobindo, his vast writings on Indian culture as well as his vision for the future role and destiny of India. We have also developed comprehensive research-based learning content for several courses.

We invite colleges and universities to contact us regarding any of the courses/workshops listed below, or with their own ideas for designing novel courses and workshops related to different aspects of Indian culture.

  • Introduction to India’s Cultural Heritage
  • Aims and Organisation of Life: The Indian View
  • Introduction to Indian Visual Arts
  • Introduction to Indian Performing Arts
  • Introduction to Indian Scriptures in the Light of Sri Aurobindo
  • Literary Tradition of India
  • Scientific Heritage of India
  • Religion and Spirituality
  • Art and Science of Yoga
  • Great Personalities of Ancient India

Project with Auro University

Kalā evam Ādhyatma

Courses designed and taught at Pondicherry University

Rethinking Feminism from Indian Perspectives

  • Designed and taught at the Center for Women’s Studies, Pondicherry University by Dr. Beloo Mehra, 2019
  • A special research-based textbook and a course reader were also developed.

Social Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo

  • Designed and taught at the Department of Sociology, Pondicherry University by Dr. Beloo Mehra, 2024

Menstrual Health and Hygiene: Creating Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity

  • Full syllabus with detailed course design of this course was approved as soft-core course for Women’s Studies post-graduate programme at Pondicherry University. (course designed by Dr. Beloo Mehra)

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