Sri Aurobindo Society’s mission and vision is to disseminate the light and force of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in all domains of human activity. Accordingly, all our works including our research projects focus on topics and issues that impact diverse aspects of our individual and collective lives.

Our approach to research is primarily qualitative and action-oriented. And action, in many cases, can also be an internal one, such as effort put towards individual growth and progress. We disseminate our findings through Renaissance journal, presentations at conferences or seminars, as well as papers and articles submitted for publication in various journals or as book chapters. But we equally emphasize dissemination of our research findings through meaningful programme development such as workshops, courses or study groups, as well as exhibitions and flipbooks.

The three broad areas (each with its several sub-areas) in which we at BhāratShakti primarily conduct research, in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s vision for India, the world and the future humanity, are:

YEAR 2023-2024 AT A GLANCE

Full Research Reports Available HERE.

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