Individual Liberty and Democratic Ideal in the Light of Sri Aurobindo

Date: May 2, 2022

Dr. Beloo Mehra was invited to participate in and deliver a talk at the seminar titled ‘Relevance of Sri Aurobindo in the Contemporary World’ organised by Pondicherry University.  The seminar held on May 2, 2022 was organised by School of International Relations in collaboration with Forum for Awareness of National Security. Dr. Mehra spoke on the topic – ‘Individual Liberty and Democratic Ideal in the Light of Sri Aurobindo’.

The programme began with a welcome address by Prof. A. Subramanyam Raju, Dean of International Relations, Pondicherry University.

Prof. Gurmeet Singh, Vice Chancellor, Pondicherry University, gave the Presidential Address. This was followed by the launching of two books authored by Dr. A. Subramanyam Raju, titled ‘South Asia and China: Engagement in the Twenty-First Century’ & ‘Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation in South Asia.’

A Special Address was delivered by Shri Indresh Kumar, Chief Patron, Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS), New Delhi

After the tea break, Dr. Beloo Mehra spoke on her topic – “Individual Liberty and Democratic Ideal in the Light of Sri Aurobindo”. This was followed by a talk by Dr. Richa Tiwari, assistant professor, Dept of Politics and International Studies, Pondicherry University on the topic – “Sri Aurobindo’s Philosophy of Integral Education: Special Reference to National Education Policy.”

Dr. Sesadhari Chari, author and strategic and foreign policy analyst, presented his summary comments on the two lectures. Prof. C. Ramaiah, Director, DDE, Pondicherry University chaired the session.

Dr. Mehra also presented her new book titled ‘Understanding Contemporary India in the Light of Sri Aurobindo’ (2022) published by Auropublications to Prof. Gurmeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Pondicherry University and Dr. Sesadhari Chari.

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